The Perfect Bug Out Bag: How To Be Ready For Almost Any Disaster, Whether You're At Work, At Home, Or On The Road
The Ultimate Guide to Bug Out Bags and Bugging Out
By the time you finish reading this Bundle, you'll know how to handle survival situations like bugging out and getting back home or how to build your bug out bags, and EDC kit.

"So much common sense information. Teach your kids to be self sufficient/self reliant."

Dave Gamble

Do you know you can thrive in a crisis if you're prepared for when SHTF by simply having a Bug Out Bag ready? 

Do you ever wonder why most fail at making a real BOB that is designed for ALL disasters, even though they can get disaster kit lists anywhere? 

You can find countless checklists and advice on how to pack a Bug Out Bag, but unfortunately it isn’t as simple as checking off items on a standard list. 

Let me explain: You don't simply need a checklist to survive in a crisis. You need a plan. 

And this Bug Out Plan Guide will help you determine the types of disasters you must prepare for. Help you decide on the priorities for your own Bug Out Bag. Help you assess the effectiveness of your Bug Out Bag and help you start to make your Bugging Out Plan.

The BIG question on my members mind is "How can I be sure that I have everything to survive for when I bug out after SHTF? "
Many people look at what's happening around the world, and
ask me "How can I be ready for when this happens here?"
For the past 10 years I've been studying and researching the way people around the world have survived (and for some, even thrived) during their country's darkest times.
It took me almost a decade to found out the answers I was looking for, but I have finally perfected the "art of the BOB and of bugging out" and want to share my years of expertise with you.
Inside The Ultimate Guide to Bug Out Bags and Bugging Out, you'll find 6 special reports along with 4 survival & preparedness checklists.
Here's What You're Going to Get in The Ultimate Guide to Bug Out Bags and Bugging Out:

Bug Out Bag Guide 

Complete EDC Kit Guide 

Bug Out Guide 

Ultimate Bug Home Guide

Urban Bug Out Checklist 

Wilderness First Aid Kit Checklist 

Bug Out Bag Checklist 

Go Home Bag Checklist

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